A full birthhoroscope expects not only information from the person, but also from his parents and the mothers of the parents.
In case of a boy it is also important if there was a previous son born.

Person editor:
So there is a person editor where you can enter details about persons like family name, given name, birthdate, birthtime, gender, birthcountry and birthcity.
The birthcountry and city are entered in locations for horoscope and can be selected here.

You can add, update and delete a person.

The 'Use as default person' button informs the program which person must be used after the program is started.

Person allocation:
Person allocation is used to combine the persons entered in the person editor.
You can select a father, mother, mother of mother, mother of father and in case of a male person you can select a previous brother.

Marriage allocation:
Here you can select the persons who want to marry.