Daily La explained.
La moves through the body according to the following monthly scheme.
For males the cycle occurs in the left side. For females in the right side.
According to Tibetan doctors, it is very important to avoid any injury, bleeding or surgery at the day where the La is located. The "La-ne" life principle would be damaged and life would be shortened or even destroyed.
At the fifteenth day (full moon) the highest point of the body is reached.

Day-Site of La
1 Soles of feet
2 Calves
3 Thighs
4 Waist
5 Mouth(interior)
6 Palms
7 Ankles
8 Elbows (medial)
9 Sexual organs
10 Waist
11 Ears
12 Forehead
13 Teeth
14 Heart
15 Crown of head
16 Sternum
17 Neck (left side)
18 Stomach and inside of thighs
19 Outside of thighs
20 Face (both sides)
21 Soles of feet
22 Hips
23 Calves
24 Palms
25 Tongue
26 Neck
27 Shoulders
28 Sexual organs
29 Pupils
30 Soles of feet