Mewa White 1


The mirror of the medicine

Wind direction



People with this birth Mewa are friendly, honest, have a sharp intellect, love traveling, are tempered, slow, selfish and rarely achieve what they want. They mainly in their early years have to endure the necessary stress and suffering, but in old age they get the necessary luck.

Past life

Born as a son of a deity.

Next life

Birth in the form of a bird or a goat. If they make a statue or a tangka of Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) and reach the maximum number of good deeds they can be reborn as a God or a Brahmin. To be recognised there is a black mole on the lower part of the body.

Expected Life Time

71 years with 4 hard times



Life Force (srog)

Red 7

Life Force (srog) Mewa Mantra

Om sok tha tri yi kea lam lam yel yel dum ram kea

Power of wealth

Green 4

Power of wealth Mewa Mantra

Om pel pel dam dam ram poong ram poong duh hoo hi dha duh wang thang pel du kea chik

Body (lus)

White 1.

Body (lus) Mewa Mantra

Hum dum tum yel ram kea mang ram dam yel dum yel kea

Luck (klung rta)

Depends on year in metreng. For calculation see General mewa

Luck (klung rta) Mewa Mantra

He he tak seng khyung dook di yar kea la kun due sar wa doo doo hu