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Birth year Birth Hour
Year Month Day Hour
Astrological year 2024
Wood - Dragon
6 N
Metal - Sheep
10 N
Metal - Snake
Water - Rabbit
Life Force (srog) Earth Earth Fire Wood
Body (lus) Fire Earth Metal Metal
Power (dbang thang) Wood Metal Metal Water
Luck (klung rta) Wood Fire Water Fire
Life soul (la) Fire Fire Wood Water

The five categories of live are:

  1. Life Force (srog)
  2. Body (lus)
  3. Power (dbang thang)
  4. Luck (klung rta)
  5. Life soul (la)

Life Force (srog)

Life force is the most important of the five.
The life force depends on the sign of the birth year. You can find the life force element via the picture below. E.g. if you are born in a Horse year your life force element is Fire with the direction South.

Body (lus)

Lus represents the energy of the physical health. A weak lus can decline the life force. Comparing the lus element with the element at a certain time can give information if this time is good or bad for the physical body and if there exist a possibility for diseases. Comparing the lus element with the partners element will give information about the possibility of having children and their health. A weak lus between partners will often indicate they will have no children or they will have weak children with diseases. There are various methods to calculate the Lus and this is one of them. First you have to look after a key element for various birth signs.
Birth Sign Relation key
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Rooster
  • Monkey
Water ( Kham )
  • Ox
  • Sheep
  • Horse
  • Mouse
Wood ( Tsin )
  • Dog
  • Dragon
  • Pig
  • Snake
Metal ( Da )
The next step is to find the relation of the key with the birth element. E.g. when the key is Wood and the birth element is Water the relation is Mother. Look for the Lus element at a mother relation in the following table.
Relationship Body (lus) Element
Mother Wood
Child Water
Friend Fire
Enemy Earth
Same Metal
E.g. Year 19500501 Metal - Tiger. The key for Tiger is Water. Year element Metal is mother of Key element Water giving Lus for year is Wood. Day Wood - Rabbit. Key for Rabbit is Water. Day element Wood is child of key element Water giving Lus for day is Water.

Power (dbang thang)

This is the economical and polical power. Although somebody with a good life force (srog ) and a good health (lus) can do peacefull or violent work is power (wangthang) indispensible voor a good performance. The power element is identical to the birth element.

Luck (klung rta)

If luck is good it is easy to find a good job, there are good business results and everything will go smoothly. Is luck weak than finding a good job is difficult and if you have one it is difficult to fullfill this one with success. Luck is very important for a succesfull life. To find an element first collect four sign groups where each sign is seperated four signs. E.g. Group 1 first Mouse (skip Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon ), Group 2 first Snake ( skip Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird ), Group 3 first Dog ( skip Pig, Mouse, Ox, Tiger ), Group 4 first Rabbit ( skip Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep ),Goup 1 second Monkey ( skip Bird, Dog, Pig, Mouse ) group 2 second Ox etc. The first group has element Wood, the second has element Water, the third Metal and the fourth Fire. Or use the following table.
Luck (klung rta) Element Sign
Wood Mouse Monkey Dragon
Water Snake Ox Dragon
Metal Dog Horse Tiger
Fire Rabbit Pig Sheep
E.g. Year 19510501 Metal - Rabbit. Start with group 1 Wood Mouse, followed by group 2 Water Snake, than group 3 Metal Dog, than group 4 Fire Rabbit. This is the element for Luck.

Life soul (la)

Life soul is very easy to calculate as it is the mother of Life Force. E.g. When the life Force is Fire the Life Soul is Wood.