Calculations for marriage horoscope

For a full marriage horoscope you need the birthdate and time for a male ( groom ), his mother, a female ( bride ), her mother and a marriage date. If there are no mothers a partial marriage horoscope will be made.

At first a check for a selected married couple is done. If none is selected you are redirected to the marriage couples for horoscope selection page.
After that a check for a marriage event is done. If there is no event you will receive a warning that you have to add a marriage event for the selected couple. If there is more than one marriage event the first one found is used.

Once all details are entered the following calculations are based upon the tradition and calculation settings from the male person.

1. There is a check for Kha-yan, Khong-nong, Dun-Kur ,Kharal and Se-zhig years (the year sign and the life influences power ) for both persons. If they are the same an additional check is done for kha-yan years ( e.g. groom 19740501 wood tiger and bride 19770501 fire snake both have a kha-yan year and groom 19840501 wood mouse and bride 19950501 wood pig both have a se-zhig year ). If none of these is true a marriage compatibility check is made based upon birth sign.

2. A check for the following inauspicious years for the groom and bride is done. More than one at the same time is possible.
12 accursed years
12 inauspicious years ( 8 fire & 4 metal )
6 lesser stars
7 malign years
years of bad omen
7 years of drought
'heavenly' sentinel
'earthly' sentinel
years promoting drought
4 black undertakers
3 soaring black sons
black fanged years
years susceptible to ogres
naked demons
8 years endowed with the five elements
10 years endowed with two elements
8 years of widowhood
8 orphan years

3. A check for triple planetary conjunctions is done but if there is no mother for either the groom or bride there will be warning message instead of the calculation.

4. A compatibility relation check is done based upon the birth signs.

5. An auspicious marriage check is done based upon the birth element and sign.

6. For marriage compatibility the Vitality (srog) and Wind (klung rta) are compared based upon the groom. They are more important for them as they have to spend a great deal of time out of the house to provide for the family and therefore need good luck. The Body (lus) and Power (dbang thang) are based upon the bride because women give birth and take care for the running of the house.
A count compare is done based upon Wood-1 point, Earth-2 points, Water-3 points, Fire-4 points and Metal-5 points.
A count compare based upon the number of O and X pebbles.

7. A comparison based upon birth parkha is done ( birthdate of mothers of groom and bride must be available )

8. A birth element comparison is done for year, month and day. Groom to bride and bride to groom.

9. Marriage event day is checked against event and will show inauspicious, auspicious, average day or OK for wedding.