Birth year Current year relationship
Calendar year 2019 2020
Astrological year 2019
Earth - Pig
Metal - Mouse
Life Force (srog) Water Water O
One will have a safe and stable life and hardly face obstacle and harm in their life.
Body (lus) Wood Earth OO
One will enjoy good health generally and easily achieve their wishes.
Power (dbang thang) Earth Metal OX
One will face financial problem and often face lost of wealth. Theft may appear in their wealth. Remedies: Give alms to the poor and needy people and offer 100 butter lamps in the monastery on special days.
Luck (klung rta) Fire Wood OOO
Fortune will increase and one will easily accomplish their wishes. One may experience minor harm from their enemy and hardly face offences. You will receive often praise and respect from others.
Life soul (la) Metal Metal X

O = Good OO = Better OOO = Best
OX = Neutral relation
X = Bad XX= Worse XXX = Worst