Brief History of Tibetan Astro. science and the role of Tibetan Astrology in Tibetan society.

What is Tibetan Astrology?
Tibetan Astrology, originated from The ancient Bon cultures dating back over 5000 years. The Bon historical texts gave evidence to a cultural heritage rich in the arts, philosophy, religion and science. The Bon of the astrological sciences (gtsug lag rtsis kyi bon) belongs to the series of the ‘Shen of the Cha’, and it is handed down that the master Shenrab Miwoche taught it to the ‘Shen of the Cha’ Legyel Thangpo and other disciples.

Among the ‘twelve lores’ of Bon astrology appears with the name’ The Astrologer, Who Knows how to Control the order of Existence’ (skos shes rtsis mkhan) and the term Ko ( skos: lit.’the person entrusted’) is to be understood as an attribute of the person ( the astrologer). Astrology is considered one of the most important limbs of the ten field of science in Tibetan culture. It is commonly known in Tibet as “Science of Light”. It is the remover of the darkness of ignorance, it is the eye of divine knowledge which is pure, supreme and exhalted.

Source: Tsering Dolma Drungtso