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-6 I
17 N
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-8 I
17 N
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Birth Parkha
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Wind directions

Best of Sun image

Sky medicin NAM-MEN is very good for solving medical problems and diseases, so very good for the direction in which a doctor should be sought in relation to disease. The best direction for the front of the house lived in.

Best Vajra image

Life support SOG-TSO is good direction for life force. It is recommended to place the head of the bed in this direction if illness occurs or if one does not sleep. A good direction to find teachers and helpful people.

Better KnotOfEternity image

Success PAL-KEY favorable direction for finding happiness and the increase of fortune. Good way to make purchases and relationship building.

Well Swastika image

Happiness Message CHA-LON a good direction for travel and the location / direction for studies or meditations. In this direction fortune can be found. Good direction to enhance organizational and management skills.

Bad Triangle image

Injuries NÖ-PA in this direction accidents and setbacks such as loss of money, quarrels and avoid litigation.

Worse FivePoints image

Five demons DRE-GNA this direction exposes us to demonic influences, loss of friendships and relationships and accidents. Advised is to place a picture of a lump in that direction to deceive the demons.

Worst Phurba image

Life-limiting demons DU-CHO is a life-threatening direction as the demons in question can steal the life force. In this direction you may also experience poor sexual relations, lost relationships and infidelity in general. Recommended is to place a Phurbai in this direction.

Very worst CorporalPunishment image

Corporal punishment LU CHEY-threatens depending on the Parkha a certain part of the body. In this direction, it is possible that a bankruptcy, incurable diseases, robberies and other life-threatening cases occur.

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