Groom Bride Marriage year
Preselection couples
Groom Tibetan Year 2024 Wood Dragon
Bride Tibetan Year 2024 Wood Dragon
Comparison 'dun-khur These couples should not get married.
Normal Day
Normal Day

In the preselection only the very basics are compared showing the following items.

-Marriages form a loving compatible relationship (snying-nye mthun-pa).
-Marriages may bring the family line to an end ('di-mams rabs chad-pa).
-Marriages may bring the couple many children ('di-dag sdebs-na bu mang byung-ba).
-Marriages may bring riches and power ('di-mams sdebs-na phyug-btsan 'byung-ba).
-Marriages may result in a couple having no decendants ('di-mams sdebs-na sgab-kyang chad).
-Marriages suggest the couple will have difficulty raising children ('di-mams bu-tsha gso-ba dka').
-Marriages are inauspicious ('di mams sdebs-pa ngan-pa).
-Marriages may result in the six so-called inauspicious misfortunes ('phung-drug ngana-pa).
-Marriages may result in the six so-called inauspicious fears (di-sdebs 'jigs-drug-zhes ngan-pa).
-Marriages have a greater category of ill-omen (ltas-ngan che).
-Marriages have a mediocre category of ill-omen (ltas-ngan 'bring).
-Marriages have a lesser category of ill-omen (ltas-ngan chung).
-Marriages wil have many impoverished sons.
-Marriages will have a disabled child.
-Marriages will moving home and house will catching fire.
-Marriages will have a baby boy die and many daughters will be born.
-Marriage will have great exasperation.
-Marriage will have short-term harshness and and long-term prosperity.
-Marriage will have a long life as farmers but with few children.
-Marriage will have happiness in early life and hardship in old age.
-Marriages will raising an adopted child.
-Marriages will have difficulty raising children and exhaustion of savings by by demons.
-Marriages will have many disputations, short-lived friendships and half the children dying prematurely.
-Marriages will have disillusionment and many children.
-khong-nong, kha-yan, 'dun-khur, kha-ral, se-zhig