Everybody has related to the birthsign three auspicious days ( basic, power and succes ) and three inauspicious days ( obstacle, disturbance and enemy ) each month

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Auspicious days in month
Date Lunar mansion Kind
Inauspicious days in month
Date Lunar mansion Kind
Good and bad weekdays
Date Day Kind
Soul day Good day
The Soul day is the day when most activities will be succesfull, especially the spiritual activities.
Life force day Very good day
The Life Force day is the day with the most energy. The Life Force and Soul days are ideal for making important decisions, moving, starting new projects, appointments with important people, etc.
Foe day Bad day
The Foe day is the day when everything will go wrong. It is best to do no special activities. Should it be necessary on Foe days to perform important issues, then by performing special rituals and measures the negative forces can be reversed. Sometimes Foe days turn into good days such as the birth took place at a Foe day.