For the year horoscope the following is checked.

At first the signs are compared.

Same Sign O
Bad Relation Sign XXX
Harmonious Sign OO
Opposite Sign XXX
Year After Lo Khak XXX Chi Khak ( for female )
Year Before Lo Khak XXX Nang khak ( for male )
Shi Shey Year XXX Shi shey year
Lo Khak Year XX Lo Khak Year

Than the sign of birth year and year of interest is compared

same year rangkeg
first year after naddgra
second year after byebralbzhi
third year after gshed
fourth year after ingamthun
fifth year after gshed2
six year after bdunzur
four year before gshed1
greater star ( +3 years) loskarskeba
lesser star ( + 9 years) skarchung

birth year: 1989 Earth Snake
year of interest: 2013 Water Snake

1985 Wood Ox 2013 Water Snake -4
1986 Fire Tiger 2013 Water Snake -3
1987 Fire Rabbit 2013 Water Snake -2
1988 Earth Dragon 2013 Water Snake -1
1989 Earth Snake 2013 Water Snake same = rang-keg
1990 Metal Horse 2013 Water Snake +1
1991 Metal Sheep 2013 Water Snake +2
1992 Water Monkey 2013 Water Snake +3
1993 Water Bird 2013 Water Snake +4
1994 Wood Dog 2013 Water Snake +5
1995 Wood Pig 2013 Water Snake +6

Finally a search for inauspicious years is performed using the element, sign, gender and Mewa information from the year of interest.

accursed years Nag-'thus lo
inauspicious years 8 fire and 4 metal lo-gnan
six lesser stars skarchungdrug
seven malign years gdug-ba-gan-gyi lo bdun
years of bad omen ltas-ngan lo
seven years of drought than-po lo bdun
'heavenly' sentinel gnam-gyi bya-ra
'earthly' sentinel sa'i bya-ra
metal years promoting drought than-skyes lo
four black undertakers dur-mi nag-po bzhi
three soaring black sons lding-nag bu gsum
black fanged years lo-nag mche-ba-can
11 years susceptible to ogres srin-khyer lo
4 naked demons ther-'dre mi bzhi
years endowed with the five elements 'byung-ba lnga-ldan lo
years endowed with two elements 'byung-ba gnyisldan lo
8 years of widowhood yugs-sa lo brgyad
8 orphan years dva-phrug lo

E.g. For 2013 element-Water, sign-Snake, gender-Female and Mewa-Yellow 5
The result is:
Nag-'thus lo, skar-chung drug, gdug-ba-gan-gyi lo bdun, lding-nag bu gsum, 'byung-ba gnyisldan lo and dva-phrug lo