Date / Time
Calendar year
Year 2020 Metal Male Mouse
Month 5 N Earth Male Monkey
Astrological year
Year 2020 Metal Male Mouse
Month 7 N Earth Male Monkey
Day 20 N Earth Female Rooster
Hour 5 (1.1) Metal Female Rabbit


The twelve signs used In Tibetan astrology are: Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.
As there are 5 elements and 12 signs it is easy understandable that there are 60 combinations.
The elements are each used twice when the signs change.
E.g. Wood - Mouse, Wood - Ox, Fire - Tiger, Fire - Rabbit, etc.
Although the Tibetan cycle 1 start in the year 1027 the Chinese cycle 62 which starts in 1024 is used for the calculations.
But there exists also a connection with the nine mewas which start in 1024 with Green 4, followed by Blue 3, Black 2, White 1, etc. and so it takes three cycles ( lower, middle and upper cycle of 60 years) totalling 180 years for a full cycle to complete. So for the mewa's it is important to know which cycle is used.
The even years are male and the odd years are female.

Direction and Element for Sign

Every Sign has its own direction and element